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Amy Clark

Consultant | Coach

Amy is an accomplished Business Analyst & Management Consultant with a portfolio of success spanning more than 30 years.  She is an effective communicator, using strategic implementation of evidence-based systems and strategies, she has the ability to create value-based relationships and bridge the gap between today’s reality with tomorrow's vision.  She is  the best of the best with the business of the business and understanding the behaviors that drive the current and projected results.  Amy created and implemented an industry benchmarking survey used to validate margins.  She created and collaborated with a software team on midlevel data mining software, non-industry specific.  Amy is best in class as a business entrepreneur and dynamic national keynote speaker with extensive travel throughout the USA.  She has devoted herself to developing exemplary value-based relationships.

Working with Amy, you will receive a holistic full-circle business assessment with an unbiased delivery of today’s reality, delineate owners’ accountabilities and establish responsibilities for business growth and/or exit strategy.  Creation of an individualized fiscally driven strategic plan for growth.  Implementation of multi-layered behavioral and evidence-based systems and strategies with incentive driven results.  Team empowerment and team building to create a value-based experience for all clients in the business.


Melissa Jones

Graphic Artist | Social Media Manager | Website Designer

Melissa has been in the creative field for over 30 years with portfolio of success, from small individual owned businesses to national home builders. Melissa has a passion for all things typography and design, and considers herself an avid photographer. Her favorite platform for building websites is WordPress, and she has experience writing copy, from social media posts to editing and layout of books. From simple hand drawn line art to full color brochures and collateral ­—— business cards to billboards, both print & web.

Developing branding and logos for new businesses is a particular niche and implementing that brand across all platforms is one of her strengths.

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